Tough International HR Challenges Series – IMMIGRATION ESSENTIALS

You are invited to the February education program of the Houston International HR Roundtable. Our speakers, featuring both international HR and immigraion law professionals, will present: Tough International HR Challenge Series: Immigration Essentials for the International HR Professional:

Eve Stoddard – CGGVeritas

Laura Harris – Marathon Oil Company

Kelly Cobb – FosterQuan, LLP

Employers are increasingly facing the consequences of their decisions to think and act globally and face numerous challenges as they move employees across borders. Mistakes can have implications ranging from not getting people to the right place at the right time to
bad press to penalties to …

In this installment of our Tough International HR Challenge Series you will learn:

  • The Immigration challenge – Global Overview!
  • US Nonimmigrant Visas & Status
  • Options from both legal and IHR regarding how to plan for this year’s H-1B cap filing and prepare both the employer and employees and have realistic expectations.
  • Update on what legal counsel is observing from US CIS processing of L-1 transfer petitions.
  • Recent trends of US Customs & Border Protection processing.
  • Update as to what your overseas employees can really do when they enter as a B-1 visitor or on the visa waiver.
  • Update On The Permanent Resident Process.
  • Current trends and processing times.
  • Will the delays in backlog of immigrant visas every end? How HR professionals deal with employee expectations and how immigration counsel can assist with these expectations?
  • Best practices in working with outside legal counsel on immigration matters – what works and what doesn’t with this relationship, and what constitutes a “dream relationship?”

It is imperative for international HR professionals to know the essentials and how (and when) to work with outside immigration counsel. As always, our presentations will contain real-world examples. We look forward to seeing you on February 24!

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