Managing Your International HR Career – 2012

Our November Program


You are invited to the November meeting of the Houston International HR Roundtable.  Please register at our Eventbrite page.

Our program is a special panel presentation on “Managing Your International HR Career.” This is about YOU – Do you know where you are going? Do you have a plan? During the program we will discuss:

1. Strategies for career success

2. How to effectively handle management

3. Showing HR’s value

4. Setting career goals

Our program will feature an exceptional panel of company management, senior international HR professionals, recruiters, and perhaps a surprise guest. We will also be featuring YOU as each of you is managing your own international HR career.

We look forward to seeing you!

Larry Scott

Note: That because of the holidays, our November and December meetings will held the third week of the month and we will not have a meeting in October.

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Directions and Parking Information: Heritage Plaza is across from the downtown Doubletree Hotel. Parking is available at the Doubletree hotel or Heritage Clay Street Parking Garage, 200 Clay, Houston 77002.You can park at the Doubletree hotel and walk across the street to the building – proceed to the 45th floor. Alternatively, park in the Heritage Clay Street Parking Garage – address of the garage is 200 Clay Street, Houston, TX 77002. If you park in the Clay Street Garage, park in any space that is not marked “Reserved.” Take the elevator in the Clay Street Garage to the Basement (‘B’). Upon reaching Basement level, turn left and follow the hallway until you reach the wall with the large ‘H’ on it. Turn left and immediately on the right you will see two elevators. Take the elevator to the Sky Lobby (‘SL’). Once you reach the Sky Lobby, turn right and proceed to the middle bank of elevators. Proceed to the 45th floor to the Deloitte reception area – this is the floor where the meeting will take place.

Host Sponsor - Deloitte Tax LLP

Please contact us regarding other sponsorship opportunities.

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