Education Programs

Houston International HR Roundtable helps develop your people by bringing global mobility to you!

We look forward to seeing you at our future programs.  The following is a selected list of our education programs and sponsors.  In addition, we regularly host networking events for Houston’s international HR community.  Thank you to all of our generous sponsors that have hosted the Roundtable and support international human resource management in Houston!

Managing Your International HR Career. Deloitte Tax LLP

Challenges an Organization Faces upon Entering Developing Markets and Strategies to Overcome Them?  American Bureau of Shipping

The Role of EAP in International HR Management: Form, Function, and Services.” AIG International Services

Almost Annual Best Practices Forum.  Anadarko Petroleum

Larry Goes to Libya.  URS

What to Expect in Immigration Under the New Administration.  Technip USA

Lessons Learned from International Human Resource Development Activities. University of Houston HRD Department

The Next Generation Organization – Creating Talent Readiness.  Technip USA

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – An Overview of the FCPA, FCPA Risks and Recent Enforcement Actions and Trends.  Mustang Energy

Roundtable Meeting on Problems, Solutions and Best Practices. Aramco Services Company

Worksite Enforcement–From the HR Professionals’ Perspective. Technip USA

Boudreaux Goes to Beijing: Chinese Labor and Employment Considerations.  American Bureau of Shipping

Best Practices Forum.  Lyondell Chemical Company

Immigration Update.  Dow Chemical Company

Expected Hot Topics in Expatriate Taxation from the New Congress.  Continental Airlines

Global Diversity and Inclusion.  Shell Oil Company

Overview of Avian Flu.  Anadarko Petroleum

Frequent International Business Travelers.  Marathon Oil

The Coming Crisis of the Changing Workforce: Finding and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders.  Baker Hughes

Labor and Employment Considerations for the Multinational Employer.  Aramco Services Company

Current Immigration Issues. Mustang Engineering

Educational Options: Delivering Assignment Success.  Halliburton

Managing the International Assignment Process.  Technip USA

Marketing One-on-One: Applying Consumer Marketing Approaches to Create an Extraordinary Employee Engagement Experience.  Aramco Services Company

Cutting the Risk of International Assignment Breakdowns.  Baker Hughes

International HR Roundtable Forum.  Aramco Energy Services

Demography is De$tiny.  Marathon Oil Corporation

Global Application of Automated HR Tools.  Mustang Engineering

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