2014 Differentiators in International Mobility and Talent Management

 2014 Differentiators in International Mobility and Talent Management !


You are invited to the January 22, 2014 program of the Houston International HR Roundtable.  This will be an timely and informative program on an issue that affects everyone with an international workforce or considering international operations.Eventbrite - 2014 Differentiators in International Mobility and Talent Management

Does your company utilize best practices in global talent management?  We will start our year giving you insights on the next and best in class 2014 practices. Thanks to its global leadership position in assessment, training and coaching, and daily practices with multinationals around the globe, NetExpat will share their perspectives on talent management. They will inspire you with innovative benefits strategies and talent practices for 2014 which could make the difference.

This very interactive session will include real case studies, examples of successful global programs, an interactive Q&A session and will be delivered by Alain and Denise, two international experts from NetExpat.  NetExpat is a leading global provider in assessment, training and coaching services for expats and expat partners. NetExpat is an ISO 9001 certified company trusted by more than 250 multinational corporations in over 60 countries across America, APAC and EMEA.


Alain Verstandig, President of the NET EXPAT Group, is an engineer who has passionately embraced International Mobility and Talent Management through personal experience. He currently lives in the USA but was born in 1962 in Brussels, Belgium to a French mother and a German father.  He graduated with an Engineering degree, later supplemented by an MBA. Right after graduating, he travelled the world in an amazing 18-month backpacking adventure through more than 50 countries.  Alain then worked over ten years for multinational corporations in various senior positions where he acquired first-hand knowledge of international mobility, being expatriated himself on several occasions. Alain speaks five languages.  In 1998, Alain founded the NET EXPAT Group specializing in assessing, training and coaching for expatriates and their partners. Through its unique, innovative approaches, NET EXPAT soon became a global market leader, with offices in 64 countries around the world and a loyal customer base of 300 international corporations.

Denise Michelle Starrett is a senior consultant in the NET EXPAT Group. Denise has held management positions in Fortune 500 companies and worked 8 years in Europe with direct responsibilities for the design and implementation of international assignment policies and programs. She provided leadership and direction to both corporate and outsourced service delivery teams. After repatriating in 2006, Denise started coaching leaders in career and life transitions, including expatriates into the US. In 2011, Denise joined the NET EXPAT Group to help individuals and organizations get the most out of the international assignment experience.

More information on our speakers can be found at www.netexpat.com

We look forward to seeing you!

Larry Scott

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Directions and Parking Information: Heritage Plaza is across from the downtown Doubletree Hotel.  Parking is available at the Doubletree hotel or  Heritage Clay Street Parking Garage,  200 Clay, Houston 77002.You can park at the Doubletree hotel and walk across the street to the building – proceed to the 45th floor.  Alternatively, park in the Heritage Clay Street Parking Garage – address of the garage is 200 Clay Street, Houston, TX 77002.  If you park in the Clay Street Garage, park in any space that is not marked “Reserved.”  Take the elevator in the Clay Street Garage  to the Basement (‘B’).  Upon reaching Basement level, turn left and follow the hallway until you reach the wall with the large ‘H’ on it.  Turn left and immediately on the right you will see two elevators.  Take the elevator to the Sky Lobby (‘SL’).  Once you reach the Sky Lobby, turn right and proceed to the middle bank of elevators.  Proceed to the 45th floor to the Deloitte reception area – this is the floor where the meeting will take place.

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