Readings on Third Culture Kids and Expatriate Family Topics

A great source of information on TCKs is Families in Global Transition (FIGT).  FIGT’s website offers a selection of books and other literature on intercultural and expatriate family topics featuring the psychological impact of international relocation, Third Culture Kids (TCKs), global nomads, spouses, parents, children, repatriation and more.  Larry Scott, President of Houston International HR Roundtable has had the honor of speaking at the FIGT conference.

Larry Scott speaking at FIGT conference

The following are some of our favorite TCK videos:

Where are you from?

YouTube Preview Image

The TCK Movie!

YouTube Preview Image

A TCK Experience in Asia

YouTube Preview Image

BRATS: Our Journey Home (Great documentary about TCKs growing up military)

YouTube Preview Image

Did you know Angela from the Office is a TCK?

YouTube Preview Image

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