FCPA: The Local Compliance Advocate – HR’s Role

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You are invited to the January 2012 education program of the Houston International HR Roundtable. Our speakers will be Tom Fox, Principal with tomfoxlaw.com and Advanced Compliance Solutions, and Marcel De Chermont, Compliance Manager with Aceteon Group Ltd. Tom and Marcel will present “The Local Compliance Advocate: FCPA’s New Best Practice.”

HINTHR LOGOThe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a daunting challenge for US companies. A recent study found that almost half of the $4 billion in penalties under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) were levied against companies in the energy sector. Many of those companies are familiar names in Houston.

HR is a key component of a FCPA compliance solution. HR’s role can include the onboarding process, training, employee evaluation, succession planning, hotlines and investigations, background screening, and assisting with government investigations.

A new best practice has evolved in FCPA compliance and HR plays a major role. A “local compliance advocate” is the concept of embedding compliance in the local business unit. The advocate receives specialized training and becomes the local point person for the company’s compliance program.

Our presentation will outline how this concept came about as a best practice. Tom and Marcel will also speak on the practical issues involved in this process and how HR is involved.

Learn about this new best practice, the FCPA and more at our January educational program.

Tom Fox is Principal with tomfoxlaw.com and Advanced Compliance Solutions. Tom is also a Featured Columnist at Corporate Compliance Insights.

Marcel De Chermont is the Compliance Manager with Aceteon Group Ltd. Marcel is responsible for overseeing his company’s global compliance program.

Don’t miss this important and timely presentation!

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