Global Security Issues for International HR Professionals

Our September program featured Joe Crumly and Josh Bibb of American Bureau of Shipping. Joe and Josh presented Global Security Issues for HR Professionals – Africa.

Travel of an internationally mobile workforce is becoming more common place throughout the world. This also includes travel throughout continental Africa and West Africa in particular. Employees are asked to travel from locations like Pointe Noire, Congo to Takaradi, Ghana and from Luanda, Angola to Douala, Cameroon and to do so in a quick and timely manner to accommodate business schedules and needs. However, travel throughout this region can be complicated and time consuming and pose security risks to the employees as well as the company. Human resource professionals are often asked to take an active role in minimizing security risks to the company’s most valuable asset – its employees!

In addition to the presentation, we had a lively discussion on innovative practices and strategies that companies use to facilitate the mobility of internationally mobile employees working in the West Africa region. Join the discussion in LinkedIn or on Facebook.

Thank you to our September presenters:

Joe Crumly, Director – International Employee Relations. Joe is in charge of the expatriate program and global relocation for the American Bureau of Shipping.

Josh Bibb, Surveyor – Corporate Human Resources – American Bureau of Shipping. Josh has worked as a Surveyor for ABS throughout the African continent since 2008 and has first hand experience working, traveling and living in the region.

We look forward to seeing you in October!

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