Global Threat of Kidnap & Ransom: Gorillas and Guerillas Don’t Always Mix”

Eventbrite - Global Threat of Kidnap & Ransom: Gorillas and Guerillas Don't Always Mix

You are invited to the March 26, 2014 program of the Houston International HR Roundtable.  We have a special program for March.  We are excited to have Mitchell Keiver of Control Risks to present on the important topic of “Global Threat of Kidnap & Ransom: Gorillas and Guerillas Don’t Always Mix.”

Mitchell Keiver, Senior Manager, Control Risks will present on risk management implications for organizations that are expanding their global footprint and draw upon his experience not only as a kidnap victim but also through his work the last several years managing the kidnap-ransom-extortion pre-incident practice for Control Risks. Topics to be discussed will include: the Global Threat of Kidnap & Ransom (K&R), the Role of Response Companies, the Role of Corporations and Families, Interaction with Law Enforcement both internationally and domestically, the importance of prevention and awareness and incident response best practice.

About Mitch
As a student of physical anthropology in the 1990s, Mitch studied and conducted field research in South Africa, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Uganda, and Ethiopia. While working in Uganda in 1999, he was one of 14 westerners kidnapped by Rwandan Rebels. After this incident, he was fortunate to have an opportunity in the Corporate Security sector and has for the last 15 years been focusing on crisis management and incident response services in a variety of capacities ranging from Director of Security to Advisor.

Mitch is now the senior manager with Control Risks and runs the kidnap-for-ransom training practice for the Americas. Based in New York City, Mitch focuses on issues of Kidnap-for-Ransom and Extortion (KRE), specializing in the delivery of KRE incident management training, hostage survival training, and the development of KRE response programs. He designs KRE programs and training solutions for a wide variety of companies from Fortune 500 to smaller niche companies, in a diverse range of industries including mining, oil and gas, not-for-profit and high net-worth individuals or families. Mitch also supports Control Risks’ Response Division as referent for the Americas and as a “hand holder” providing crisis support during KRE incidents.

Eventbrite - Global Threat of Kidnap & Ransom: Gorillas and Guerillas Don't Always Mix

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