Houston International HR Roundtable Leads to Paris!

Author: Greg Shrewsbury

Greg ShrewsburyI’ve always heard that the value of networking is unmatched when it comes to finding great careers opportunities.   This is definitely true.

I’ve had the privilege of engaging and interacting with the Houston International HR Roundtable over the past year.   What it has afforded me is the realization of a very important career goal—true international exposure via a two year assignment in Paris, France!

I was approached about this opportunity through a contact at the roundtable.  Because of the roundtable connection, I was interviewed and ultimately offered the role of Vice President of Human Resources at Technip-North America…a journey that will start in Paris.

I can’t stress the importance of networking with colleagues at the appropriate level.  I feel the International HR Roundtable is the best organization in Houston that addresses international issues and mobilization for senior HR leaders.

We are all presented with prospects, and we have to take advantage of them as they arise.  This is true in our personal lives and our professional lives.   Participating in and supporting the right organizations are essential.

I would like to thank Larry and the roundtable for “getting me connected” with the right international career opportunity.  Merci!

I wish the Larry and the roundtable continued success.

À la prochaine!

[Editors Note:  We are happy to welcome back Greg Shrewsbury as a Guest Author.  Greg is now Vice President, Human Resources-North America for Technip.  We wish Greg the best of luck on his new adventure in Paris.]

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  1. That is a really great story Greg. Larry has done an excellent job putting together numerous meetings and reasons for us all to join and network together. Thanks for sharing your success story and best wishes with your journey to Paris!

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