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We tend to agree that the Houston International HR Roundtable is an excellent resource for “all things international HR.”  As part of our new membership program,  “Get a Membership – Give Back in the Process,” if you join in December, a percentage of your membership dues will be contributed to FIGT.  FIGT stands as the global leader in providing educational resources and support for families, as well as other international organizations and service providers.  Join the Houston International HR Roundtable today and help us support our global community.

FIGT will hold their 2010 Conference here in Houston and has announced a truly stellar line-up of speakers and sessions.  The conference provides a truly unique forum where members of internationally mobile families gather with those who assist them: human resource personnel, relocation experts, educators and counselors.  Together they develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of cross-cultural living.  Please visit them online at www.figt.org for additional information, great resources on families in transition, and to register for the conference.

My sons had a unique experience as TCKs.   They had to deal with at least three very different cultures when we lived in Hanoi, Vietnam.  They attended the French International School in Hanoi where the teachers only spoke French (they really only spoke French), the classes were all in French, and the “culture” of the school was French; they were in the capital city of Vietnam and everyone around them spoke Vietnamese, e.g., they took Tae Kwon Do in Vietnamese and the driver who took them to school only spoke Vietnamese (Mr. Tam); and their “family” was American.  Attend the conference in Houston and you’ll learn how to best handle these types of situations as an expatriate and also as an international HR professional.

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