International Rotator Program in November

Eventbrite - International Rotators: In high demand and on the rise!


You are invited to the November 2013 program of the Houston International HR Roundtable.  This will be an timely and informative program on an issue that affects everyone with a mobile workforce

Please join us for a discussion on leading practices and trends impacting international rotator assignments. We will explore the findings from Deloitte’s second International Rotator Assignment Survey report. We will discuss leading rotator practices, challenges, and trends that companies are facing with this distinct workforce, as well as considerations as to how these trends will impact the business going forward. The survey results provide great insight into current rotator issues and trends including:

  • Rotators aren’t going anywhere – there continues to be a growing need for rotator assignments, even for companies that already have a large rotator population
  • Companies are getting savvier with the management of rotator assignment populations – there is a greater awareness of, and focus on, corporate governance, tracking, compliance, and ownership of rotators
  • There is a growing concern about the talent shortage for this critical workforce – the greatest challenge companies are facing with their rotators is in attracting and retaining this talent with the biggest cause of “failed” assignments being losing talent to the competition

Did you know? More than 60% of companies manage their rotator population through a global mobility function.

This presentation will facilitate discussions about strategic planning with regards to your international rotator populations.

Our presenter will be Patti Wilkie of Deloitte – Patti has 14 years of experience in global mobility consulting with Deloitte. Patti has extensive experience in expatriate management software implementation, project management, and process improvements for international assignment services groups and is GPHR certified. Patti has worked with various global corporations in a wide array of industries, including oil and gas; media, the banking sector, and consumer industrial products. Prior to joining Deloitte, Patti worked in the O&G industry.

We look forward to seeing you!

Host Sponsor - Deloitte Tax LLP

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Eventbrite - International Rotators: In high demand and on the rise!

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