Managing Your International HR Career

Author: Greg Shrewsbury

Greg Shrewsbury

Greg Shrewsbury

I personally enjoyed the level of interaction at this month’s roundtable that focused on international HR career management.  Having a group of peers come together to share thoughts and experiences is definitely an invaluable opportunity!

My takeaways from this session reinforced my own views relating to personal international HR career management.  During our discussions, the following components to achieve success in this endeavor materialized as follows:

  1. In order to develop a complete “international career portfolio,” it is critical that HR professionals experience expatriate assignments for themselves.
  2. Like with all good things in life, goal setting must be a priority.  This is particularly true with successful career pathing and management.
  3. Mentors and role models are valuable as we create and establish our personal brands in the global market.  We all need coaches to help champion our careers!
  4. “Cross-cultural” awareness and sensitivity are important as we engage the global workplace.  In order to achieve this, we must become flexible in our dispositions, understandings and relationships.

These items give us real and tangible objectives to consider as we manage our careers!

Finally, as a newbie to Houston, I appreciate the hospitality given to me by the International HR Community!  Thank you for sharing your insights!  I wish everyone a great Holiday Season.

[Editors Note:  We are happy to welcome Greg Shrewsbury to Houston and as a Guest Author.  Greg was part of our panel this month on Managing Your International HR Career and is the Senior Director of Human Resources for Global Engineering, Procurement, and Construction hub for Aker Solutions.  He is responsible for talent acquisition that supports domestic and international EPC projects and core businesses (key leadership, engineering, procurement, project controls, commissioning, and HSE).  Greg has 18 years of human resources experience that includes Fortune 500 experience with The Clorox Company.  His tenure with Clorox included HR leadership in two of the Company’s principle subsidiaries—Kingsford Manufacturing and Glad Manufacturing.  He served as Division HR Manager for Glad, Clorox’s largest subsidiary.  Greg has an MBA from West Virginia Wesleyan College and a BS-Business Administration from Bluefield College.  Greg is also a member of our Advisory Committee.]

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