Our January 2015 Kickoff – Leading from All Sides Featuring Craig Price


Leading from All Sides:  The Realist’s Guide® to Leadership

Craig Price

Eventbrite - 2015 Kickoff! Unique Leadership Speaker - Craig Price!!!

With so many leadership styles out there, which one will work best for you?

In a world of vastly different personalities and perspectives, finding ways to get all the pieces to fit into a cohesive and effective organization can be a challenge. If you want to be a good leader, good manager or a good employee, there is no one way. Often, the way you interact needs to change with each person and each situation. In this innovative, practical and entertaining program, discover realistic ways you can create a consistently successful leadership approach by adapting to differing personalities and creating the flexibility necessary to be a leader in today’s changing world.

This event is complimentary for all HR professionals!


As a speaker, author and podcaster, Craig has helped some of the most effective and diverse corporate leaders, from multibillion-dollar manufacturers to top universities, around the country find the path to success. His honest and realistic approach allows them to understand how to use our natural thought processes as tools for change and productivity.

Craig realized for true long-term motivation and production, one must look at the current tools every person possesses and utilize them. This was the driving force behind his latest book “Half a Glass: The Realist’s Guide” which showcases his desire to bring “reality” based solutions to a variety of issues back into focus.

An award winning professional stand-up comedian, experienced actor and certified instructor, Craig has a background in customer service, information technology and safety. Craig uses his sharp wit, intelligence and straight talk to deliver entertaining, informative programs that allow people to believe in themselves under any circumstances.    

Learn more about Craig at http://www.speakercraigprice.com and listen to his podcast Reality Check at http://www.realitycheckpodcast.com 

We look forward to seeing you!

Eventbrite - 2015 Kickoff! Unique Leadership Speaker - Craig Price!!!

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