Wellness is for Expatriates (and their families) Too!

Author:  Shari Lewis Fish

All of the excitement, nerves, adjustments and transitions accompanied with moving to a new country can be quite overwhelming.  As expatriates focus on adjusting to a new business climate, time zone, culture, living conditions, language, food, and home, their wellness should not be, and does not need to be, sacrificed. This column is designed to provide information and ideas so that expatriates can create and maintain healthy, positive lifestyles no matter where they are assigned.wellness

You may be relieved to learn that some stress is actually good for you.  It can increase your intensity, your senses and your focus.  However, too much stress can have dire health consequences.  Fortunately, you can actually decrease your stress level in as little as five minutes with the relaxation techniques outlined below:

  1. Take a “time-out”.  Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Maintain focus on your breath as you inhale slowly through your nose, feeling your entire belly, sides and lower back expand. As you exhale completely, feel your belly, back and sides contract as you maintain focus on your breath and quiet your mind. Repeat 7-10 times.
  2. Take a “mental vacation” – Close your eyes and picture yourself in an environment that elicits peace and pleasure.  Visualize this “place” in great detail. “Hear” the birds, the rustling of leaves, the waterfall; “feel” the sand between your toes or the snowflakes hit your face.  The more realistic and detailed your daydream is, the more relaxation you will experience.
  3. Muscle releases – Scan your body for areas of tension.  Focus on tensing and relaxing a major muscle or area of tension.   Repeat for 60 seconds.

These techniques are available to you at home, on a plane, worldwide.  They are free,  no equipment is required and in five minutes or less you can feel like a new person.  Remember, you are your number one asset!!

Enjoy and Be Well!

[Editors Note:  We are happy to welcome Shari Lewis Fish as a Guest Author.  Shari is the owner of Shari Fish Wellness, a health and wellness consulting and coaching practice.  Her focus is guiding clients through a process of change that will help them identify their strengths and core values, and lead them to their health and wellness vision. As a result, her clients experience increased self-awareness and self-knowledge. They acquire new skills and information, attain personal and professional goals and develop the skills that lead to sustainable behavior change. Shari’s philosophy is that by working in concert with her clients, they will experience increased life satisfaction, self-efficacy and that each one will truly become his/her “best self”.   Her mission is helping people achieve healthier, richer and more balanced lives.]
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